Our Story


Nolan Miracle - Owner

Raised in Northern Michigan, my early connection to the outdoors nurtured a lifelong passion for land. At 22, I ventured to Phoenix, Arizona, embracing the unknown. A decade of exploration and self-discovery followed.

A bold shift led me into real estate, a path uncharted. I launched my business from scratch, armed with education and a fierce determination to succeed. Months of hard work bore fruit with my first property.

Now, with several years in the industry and numerous successful transactions, my focus is on helping people sell their unwanted land. We're dedicated to providing stellar service, whether you're buying or selling acreage.

I'd be honored to guide you on your land journey.


Travis Miracle - Land Acquisition

You can call me your Land Acquisition Specialist at Property Miracle. I'm your go-to guide on your land-selling journey, handling everything from our initial conversation to negotiations, and I'll even provide recommendations along the way. Helping others has always been my passion, and I'm excited to dive into your goals, dedicating my time to help you achieve them. I'm committed to giving you the full scoop, maintaining transparency, and always being honest.

Just like the rest of the incredible team here, I'm a nature enthusiast. I have immense respect for our beautiful land, and I seize every opportunity to explore it. Whether it's setting up a good old-fashioned tent in the woods, hitting the hiking trails, teeing off on a golf course, or carving through the snow, I'm all about embracing what the outdoors has to offer.


Brittany Miracle - Transaction Coordinator

I'm a graduate from Grand Canyon University. Originally from northern Michigan, my love for the outdoors runs deep. When I'm not working, you'll find me exploring nature, hiking, and cherishing the serenity it offers.

Two loving cats share my home and heart.

In the professional realm, I'm here to provide a seamless experience for your land transactions. Let's work together to make your land dreams a reality.


Our Company

The Property Miracle, LLC is a private raw land investment company.

We buy and sell land.  Plain and simple.

Amazing service, convenience and trustworthiness are the bedrock of our business.  
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